Anyone else doing bird tlc?


10 Years
Dec 15, 2009
We just took the class and signed up today
.I am so excited to get a call to come pick up the birds!I was just wondering who else is waiting or already has baby birds from bird tlc?Any tips from people who havedone this in the past would be greatly apriciated
It is a program where you can sign up to take care of baby birds that are abandoned then you release them into the wild.I think its going to be fun

I think that sounds awesome too!
Oh, does tlc stand for Tender loving care? That makes sense. Is this program only in the States?
bird treatment and learning center.I think it may only be in alaska but maybe other states may have a similiar program.No for most of the birds they give you this mixture you have to feed them every 20 minutes for 12 hours a day
Oh, so it wasn't tender loving care
Close enough!

20 minutes a day?! Wow, that's a lot of work. Are you going to take it out with you?
It'd be too small to eat by itself out of a dish, wouldn't it.... to feed it every to minutes definently alot of work.yeah if I want to do anything i would have to take it with me or have someone take care of it for a cant eat out of a dish till its older
Well, good luck is all I can say. You'll have to post pictures, I love seeing baby birds.
I don't usually get to lay eyes on many, no idea where to look

What kind of birds?

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