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8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I spent a lot of time last evening on their website shopping and selecting my order. At checkout I opted to pay with PayPal. Then this morning I get an email confirmation of my order but it is incorrect. So I email customer service and let them know about this error. They responded that since they hadn't received an immediate confirmation of payment from PayPal they just went ahead and cancelled my order. I am to be penalized because of a lag in PayPal? I cant believe I wasted all that time online placing that order and they just cancelled it!!! They sent me an order confirmation but they cant notify me of their concern with a PayPal delay? I would have gladly given them a alternate form of payment. My time is worth nothing apparently. OK I'm done ranting now. I just wanted other folks to be aware of their egregious lack of customer service.
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