Anyone else have an ugly chick? New pic @ 1 month!!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I know all chicks go through and ugly teenage phase, but this one is only a week old and well already kind of ugly. My youngest daughter picked it out and named it "Peanutbutter", but it makes me think of "Pigpen" from the Peanuts. When she first picked it out it was a cute buff color with a blueish stripe down its back. Now its got some funny looking colors coming it. It has brown/red, white, and black/grey striping on its wings. And its not the cleanest little chick, I am constantly wiping poo from the other chicks off it. So here it is "Peanutbutter"!!

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Aww, she's cute! Just wait a few weeks, they get a lot uglier! I like her bluish feet, my Easter Egger has them too!
Remember the story of the Ugly Duckling?

All of them get really ugly looking at about 6-8 weeks, the last of the fluff and before they move into more mature body, etc. They look like some kind of alien creature!
First, it is probably an Easter Egger. I hope I am wrong, but it looks like a roo to me. Looking at the wing feathers, usually when I see them with that blockiness to the wings, they are boys. Like I said, hope I am wrong
Yea, its a TSC Easter Egger. The other one we picked up my older daughter picked out "Zippy" is all white, but neither have muffs/beards. At least they have the colored legs!
Here is Zippy for comparison

Eggbert is our ugly chick. My husband took something like 40 photos of the 7 we have, and out of all the Eggbert shots I kept two. The others were deleted because he is an unphotogenic little chick! This is one of the two I kept.


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