Anyone else have my thoughts? ( Vegetarian)

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Mar 20, 2010
It is weird- even for me... I don't know, agh. Okay, so, first- please excuse spelling mistakes, I horrible about that to begin with, now just throw in having to type and you get a whole bunch of weird words.
Second, let me start my train of thought:
I am vegetarian and have been for four years . I first started when I was 11 because the chicken meat my parents bought still had veins in it and it grossed me out. Then, I learned how most of America slaughtered the animals and I am strongly againt that method. Most of all- I love animals too much I suppose.
I love animals so much that I don't really know how to describe it. The most perfect day would probably include watching/ interacting with nature and animals in some way ( and having a beach chair with some root bear and a book...)
The thing is..
None of my friends are supportive at all. Some are more supportive than others by not mocking me, but still... Plus, my dad thinks I'm an idoit and gets mad at me sometimes for not eating meat. Mom's pretty good about it though; she makes veggie soups for me.

I am just wondering if there are people that have the same thoughts about animals? Or am I a crazy that needs to get a grip on reality?

( Ill stay vegetarian anyways, but I am curious)
There are probably one quarter to half a billion people in India who don't eat meat.

I know many people in this country who don't eat meat for a variety of reasons, everything from not liking the taste to ethical issues with eating meat. It is in fact very common.
No, I think I'm a lot like you. It's a good day if I get to see wildlife, any kind. I know not everyone feels the same way and that's ok. ETA I don't eat meat either, but I do eat fish a few times a week. And the occasional egg from my spoiled chickens.
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My dear there are so many people out there like you, you just have to find them. And I can say to you, that a person that chooses to care for you because of what you eat is no friend at all.

I am a carnivore. My friends are in my life because of who they are, not what they eat.
I know it's hard at a younger age not to let what others think about you make a difference, but that's what you need to do. Small-minded people should NOT dictate what you do OR what you eat! I think it's great that your mom is on board with your decision. maybe you could let your dad know that one day you will move away & you'd rather not have memories of arguing over food. something along those lines. as for your "friends"...real friends don't make fun of things that really matter to you.
good luck with it.
well let me tell ya, I am not a vegetarian, but I know hundreds of people that are including some family members. you know my first born refused meat from the very beginning, he wouldn't eat any baby food with meat in it, no idea why, then ate nothing but a vegetarian diet until he was 10 when he realized something smelled real good, it was a steak his father was BBq'ing

anyhow loads of people feel the same as you, you are not crazy and I do believe people need to respect the life choices other people make. If your friends are bugging you about it, talk to them about how it bothers you, its just possible they are just teasing you to get a response. My big sister is vegan and my brothers tease her mercilessly, with that said when they incite her over for dinner they respect her and will allow her to prepare something vegan for dinner, and I say allow her to prepare because they wouldn't know the first thing about vegan cooking.

as for your dad, tell him how it makes you feel and I am sure he will say he is sorry and not mention it again. You don't have to explain your reasons really just tell him you wish that he would respect your choice not to eat meat.

Good luck, and loads of hugs

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