anyone else living in the northeast sick of all this rain?


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Oct 20, 2007
Eastern CT
I can see the sun out my window as I type. We did have two showers during the day though. I'm almost afraid to type it but the forecast for tomorrow, a holiday, a Saturday, here in CT, is <ssshhhh> partly sunny!!!! They actually said no signs of precipitation for July 4. whoa!
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Jun 11, 2009
yes i am sick of the rain!!!!!!!!! we have a well at our house so we like the rain! however i am so ooooooo sick of the rain too. for the whole month of june all its done is rain!!!!



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Mar 29, 2008
Ringwood area, NJ
Nothing is dry here and I am glad I stumbled across this because I was starting to feel like a bad chicken Mom. After recovering from Swine flu I was wondering if I had just let things get bad but after feeling better I realize everything is wet and muddy everywhere. My white chicks, well I think they are white, never look clean. I have had to blow dry several chicks after they got caught in a storm. I have wood planks down so I can get into the coop over the mud. The mosquitoes are like from Jurassic Park, flying dinosaurs!! The grass is growing FAST and I think I watered my outdoor plants once. The flies are all over and the only good thing is most predators are staying home! I have removed the dehumidifier’s tank like 3 times a day and I still feel wet. I work caring for a woman’s yard and it has been few and far between when I can get out there and the weeds are just popping up all over. I was supposed to resurface her walk way but I am afraid it will wash away. I need to dry out!!! I also am continually spraying bug spray so I smell like the spray which is all natural made with different plant extracts.

Time to round up the birds and fight off the bugs...last time I was out it was thundering hopefully it isnt raining...

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