anyone else living in the northeast sick of all this rain?


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11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
South GA
So, no rain for almost 48 hours!!!
I hope it will hold off til my swamp is dry. Here is what the front of my barn has looked like for weeks now......

at least the ducks are enjoying themselves!!

Oh, and every time it rains, my barn floods. i sweep out water everyday and the next day it's back. We have a leaking wall and roof apparently. I was unaware of this "minor detail" before we rented here. Here's a photo of it the other day. I had ALREADY swept it out that morning!!!

Who builds a barn without drains in the floor????


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Jun 29, 2008
New Hampshire
Coop is under 2 ft of mud, dog run under a ft of mud. Smells

the more I clean the worse it seems to smell, I have gone through 2 yds of sand, and 3 bags of lime trying to get rid of the smell. ( I clean the coops every week to no obvious avail on odor control)
I have changed the breed name for my dog from Malamute to Malamud.
I have a Friend who is a groomer and complains that Malamutes are horrid to bathe and groom as they hate water

she hasnt met this mud puppy yet. have to drag him in yelping and screaming to eat, he wants to play in the mud and ohhhhh Puddles!
oh ok water bowl works too

Going to town tomorrow for more sand and lime. ugh cant stand all this wet stinky muddy weather.


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10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
I am the original poster and just wanted to say we are finally having gorgeous weather here on Long Island. The sun has been shining for three days now! I actually had to water the sod this morning - SHOCKING!


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Oct 20, 2007
Eastern CT
Three days of sunny, warm, dry weather here in CT!! Loving it but thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. More rain on the way. Ugh.

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