anyone else living in the northeast sick of all this rain?


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Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
Seriously, I've had it with this rain! And so are my chickies. Their run is always wet and sloppy! It's downright gross. If you look at the forecast, it says rain for the next 7 days. How is all this rain possible?

Thank god, we water proofed our basement in the fall. We'd be knee deep in water down there. Anyone else wanna commiserate?
Our forecast is rain starting tonight and chance of rain all weekend.

Yes, I'm considering commissioning TerrieLacey to sew little yellow chicken-sized rain slickers!
Already arrived in NY.... lots of it! Heavy and steady.

Have to say that at least we're in better shape than North Dakota where they were just drying up and hoping to plant their crops and yikes another dowsing of rain.

I gave the gals some mealworms since they're stuck inside. They sure are happy with them - watch out worms
they just came and fixed our basement too.... but its been over whelmed! the sump pump Never stops. it stopped for today, so i ve been out trying topaint the coop.
I am sick of the heat and humidity! I don't mind the rain it is making my garden grow a lot. I have tarps over my run so the chickens don't get wet so they dont mind it either.
Totally sick of it. My eggs are covered in mud from the muddy chickens. Someone said the Almanac is calling for a wet summer (they never should have said it out loud!). Maybe I should have bought that duck at the Keene Swap seeing how the back yard is a pond now. Geesh.
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Thanks all! It makes me smile knowing I'm not the only one! Rain slickers? Now there's an idea! Imagine their feet in wellies. I have one chicken that would probably let me dress her up. Might keep us all busy while were stuck inside!

Also like the idea of a tarp to cover the run. Why didn't I think of that? It's perfect!

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