Anyone else setting eggs this fall?


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
I must be crazy to be doing it again in the fall, but I just got the move over with and I really want to hatch! I have a new brooder house so I cant wait!

PS!!! If I owe you any eggs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I lost track of things durring the move and got really confused. My internet was off for about 2 moths, but is back up and running now. My email is: [email protected] still Please contact me because I dont want to forget about anyone.

The girls are moulting now, but should start to lay again soon! JEN
I just set my eggs yesterday. My first attempt at hatching.
I set one more bator full last night..these should be the last though-hatched 50 last week and some dth today and tomorrow.I have so many fuzzy butts chirping around here right now
I am waiting on shipped Orpington Eggs. I hope I at least get 1 hen out of the bunch. I think I'll be setting these Monday when they arrive. My incubator seems to be working well, within 1 degree of 100 and without water 45-50% humidity...with water it went up to 65-70 with vent plugs pulled. Sound ok?

I wanted to incubate them at the same time as silkie eggs, but I caught a cold and couldn't pick them up from B. Porto on Saturday
I'll just have to try the Orpington's for the first time since I'm reading staggering on your first try is a bad idea.

Any advice is welcomed!
I am also waiting on some shipped Orp eggs that should be getting here Monday or Tuesday. It will be my first time incubating. Can't wait!
I have 150 quail eggs coming this week. I have always had pretty good luck hatching in the fall and they should start laying in time for the spring egg rush when prices are the best for us sellers. I have been out of the egg business for a couple of years but I have a new barn and pens and cant wait to get started again. Good luck with your hatch.
Well, I wasn't planning on it, but it sure looks like I will be. A friend lost her drake today and wants me to hatch out some of his babies while her hens are still fertile. I'll start those on Tuesday. So... yeah, I'm hatching this fall! Fortunately, I don't think I'll have to brood them--I fully intend to hand that task off to my friend, and let HER have the stinky house for a few weeks!
I have a few projects I am working on, so I will be hatching all winter long. They will be small hatches, nothing like I do in the spring and summer.

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