Anyone ever get a Notice of Correction from the Dept of Ag??


11 Years
Dec 26, 2008
Port Angeles, WA
Today I got a Notice of Correction from the Dept of Ag today. It says that I bought eggs from out of state that were NPIP cert but not avian flu cert. Sounds like a warning. It says that I can be fined $150! Maybe I am naive, but I didn't know we had laws like this!

Anyone else had this happen?
I think Pips and Peeps were saying that the state of WA must have Avian Flu negative in their NPIP papers. Yes a warning I would assumed.

Did they tell you anything in action you need to do or is it because you could not buy any birds that don't have Avian Flu negative papers?

It sucks but that is WA state. There is another test that is required in WA, I think the papers should have ILT negative flock that you are purchasing from in chicks or eggs or started birds.

Pips and Peeps should help you with this. see...
Birds from the Exotic Newcastle Disease quarantined areas need an Alaskan permit number.

1. Poultry and hatching eggs imported into the state must be accompanied by a permit and a health certificate which includes certification that:

1. the flock from which the poultry or hatching eggs have originated tested negative for Pullorum and Typhoid disease;

2. the poultry or hatching eggs were produced in full compliance with the National Poultry Improvement Plan; and

3. the poultry or hatching eggs originated from flocks or areas not under state or federal restriction.

2. The applicable National Poultry Improvement Plan forms must accompany the shipment.


Shipments of poultry and hatching eggs must comply with requirements in this chapter and Washington animal importation rules (chapter 16-54 WAC) to be imported into this state. An official health certificate must accompany the shipment. In lieu of an official health certificate, an official NPIP form is acceptable. An official health certificate is not required for shipments sent to immediate slaughter or for hatching eggs or baby poultry from NPIP participants.
I agree. It is the seller's responsibility to know which state to send eggs to.

WA and VA were the two states I know of that are strict about it.
thats what i want to know..

Me too! I hope they are not standing at the USPS line checking egg boxes! Or they may have been expecting some chicks and eggs at this time of the year.

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