Anyone ever had a traumatized Chicken?


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Dec 16, 2008
Hudson, WI
Long story made short:

2 of my birds were at a friend's house, an Ameracauna roo and a Jersey Giant hen. The 2 were inseparable, despite the fact that the hen was approximately twice his size. The snuggled and clucked and coo'd and at nightthe roo would hunker down and then the hen would climb on top of him and sleep. I was always afraid she'd smother him, but he'd just purr softly all night long. Wierd Chickens!

Last month (While I was in the hospital) A freak tornado blew up on what was supposed to be a very nice day and ripped through the city. My 2 birds and all of her birds were out in runs, eating grass and bugs and being happy chickens. She had called to make sure everything was ok, and it was, but by the time she got home, the winds had flipped the giant run that had my 2 birds, breaking the hen's neck, and sending the roo into total, almost comatose shock. Unfortunately she lost all her birds, and still went far above and beyond to save my remaining bird, for which I am so thankful and amazed. He was in and out of the University Ag school vet clinic, and spent a month being force-fed and IV'd because he wouldn't eat, wouldn't preen, nothing. He is now home, and is eating, but the slightest variance sends him in a tailspin. When we drove him home, he cowered in the corner of the cage, with his head buried in a hanging "nest" that was in the cage. He is very restless, and it is almost like he is still looking for Lila. We tried to put him in the Chicken yard, and that was a disaster. So we brought him back in, set up the giant cage, settled him in like a king, and gave him much reassurance. We then tried placing our quietest, most docile, loving silkie hen in with him. Not a good reaction. He loves to be outside if we take him out into the front yard, away from everyone. Then he happily acts like a chicken and forages to his heart's content. It is rather like taking the dog out for a walk! LOL!

Anyone have any ideas how to calm him, reassure him, reintegrate him, socialize him, anything? He seems perfectly happy in his current state, but I am not sure I want a giant kennel in my kitchen on a permanent basis.
I love him to death, and I want him to be a happy chicken. I already have brooders in 2 other rooms, and the garage is going to be remodeled into a winter coop in a few weeks.



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Feb 7, 2009
ft. worth
Yes they can be traumatized. About a month ago we had news helicopters over our neighborhood for several hours. (No not at our house). My hens quit laying for a week. So did my neighbors. Took us a few days to realize that the choppers were the only thing different.

I would suggest putting him in the kennel and leave it in the run for about a week so they can see each other. Then let him out supervised for short times and hopefully he will adapt. Good Luck

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