Anyone from PA who need hens or roosters?

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    Apr 6, 2008
    I just adopted a rooster and several hens from a woman who has many 7 month olds she needs to rehome since she lost a battle with the township and she can no longer raise poultry. I feel so terribly bad for her since they are all young, she is upset, and just converted her barn into her chicken area. She is of course asking a fee per chicken to assure to good homes and not on peoples tables. She is by Bethlehem, off of airport road. If interested here ia a link to her craigslist posting:

    I thought people here would be ones who would take good care. She has lots of breeds and many hens left from what my husband tells me. Some are beautiful, some look a little rough. Maybe over mated or overcrowed a bit. Look healthy, good weight however. The Speckled Sussex hen I got is beautiful. I believe she still has the rooster as well. Took home a heathly looking barred rock hen and her rooster buddy. Also brought a silver and gold laced home but she is out of those so sorry. Oh, and a white leghorn!

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