Anyone From Wausau WI interested in splitting meat bird order?

Hangin Wit My Peeps
11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
I'm just wondering how many would be interested in splitting an order. I'm not 100% sure yet if were going to sell 1/2 of our order but would like to get an idea who may be interested in buying them IF we do decided to sell them. We may only keep 13 and would need to find a home for 12 of them. This is our first attempt at meat chickens so we are thinking of starting out small at first. If your interested in splitting an order how many would you want? We could do a bigger order too...were are going to be ordering them within two weeks.
Go for it yourself. If you want to end up with 13 start with more. You likely wil loose some alnog the way and it takes no more heat or work to care for 25 than for 13. Once you taste it you will wish you had the rest. The thing tha tmay temper th is is how big a family you have. Otherwise, you have ready made christmas gifts for the family!
We are thinking about it and if we can't find anyone to split the order with us we will for sure because we do want them not matter what. We may as well LOL Now the trick is to NOT get attached to them and talk hubby into NOT sending them to the possessor!
I can SO see me doing that!

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