Anyone going Lucasville Ohio in OCT?

Dan, I have a man going to that show with SQ partridge cochins, if I can get them from the show to S. Ohio, then I can pick them up.

My neck just won't let me drive up to the show, too many hours. But I can get up to four hours from here pretty easily. I live near Knoxville TN.

Where's your mom returning to so I can map it. I'd love to get my hands on those birds and he's loathe to ship them.

Thx Chere
I have not decided if I'm going or not. If I go it will be for the sell, the weekend following the show. I would love to go but, work is just crazy lately. So, right now I'm not sure yet. I'm in east Tn. 18 miles east of Knoxville. Where are you at?
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