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    Apr 4, 2016
    I have an easter egger that has been laying for about 7 months. She took a 2-1/2 month hiatus Nov-Dec-Jan. She's laid 8-9 eggs, hasn't laid now in a week, and then I found an tiny eggs about the sz of a robin egg. The shell was bumpy & appears to be pretty thick. Should I be concerned/worried?

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    No, small fairy eggs occur sometimes, especially when they are stopping or starting back up again. Most of my Easter eggers are inconsistent layers that stop and start throughout the season. Yours has already laid pretty well for her first season.
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    Yep, fairy egg.... wind egg, fart egg, rooster egg.

    Most everyone has gotten one or few.
    As long as it is not happening constantly, shouldn't be a problem.

    Open that egg and see what's inside, could be a tiny funky yolk, or just a tiny piece of tissue that breaks off and spurs the system to form an egg around it like it would around a regular yolk.

    I think this video mentions/explains it:
    Egg Formation Video
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    I get them in the spring once in a while. Nothing to fret about unless it is happening regularly.
    aart explained it well.
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    X2 -- one of those glitches in the system that happen from time to time.

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