Anyone Have Dorpers?

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    After all of my recent sheep research I've decided to get 3 dorper/katahdin sheep in the spring. I've found a local woman who raises them. [​IMG] I'm wondering if anyone has dorpers. What type of shelter do you use and what type of fencing works best? We have our llamas in a pasture with 4' field fencing. The sheep will live with the llamas, and we'll just increase the size of the pasture. Will the field fencing be enough to keep these guys in? Thanks for answering my questions!

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    I got Dorpers. We just use a three sided barn, works fine. I'd think that fencin should work, just make sure ALL holes are patched, or sheep will find a way out every time!

    P.S. I'll give ya a tip... If ya ever count your sheep, count the legs and divide by 4. [​IMG]
  3. We have over 60 ewes I think and one ram(used to have two) they are terrific breeders and if there is a hole in the fence they will find it. Ours are still a bit skittish as al dorpers are but have calmed down after two years of sheep nuts. (Although poddies help if you want super calm sheep and it will be easier because you aren't getting many)
    We don't have any man-made shelter for them but lots of outcrops but they seem to cope fine.
    Good luck!

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