anyone have good information on making your own chicken food (layer)?


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We have only one hen right now. I feel that the food we buy (organic) may have mold or other problems. I want to make some food for her.

I find a few sites but they are making a large amount. We could shop at our grocery stores because we are making for one. These sites focus on protein. I thought you wanted to be sure not to give too much protein. Also, no one mentions calcium except for oyster shells!

Any thoughts or websites you like or RECIPES?



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Much too complicated and expensive to make a complete feed for chickens, especially a single hen.
If you suspect your feed is moldy, throw it out. Moldy feed can kill them. I'd buy a complete feed and freeze or refrigerate most of it or at least store it in a cool dry place. One hen will take a long time to eat 50 pounds.
Some stores sell it in 40 lb. bags or even will break it down into 5 or 10 lb. packages.
You just can't go to the grocery store and come up with a mix that will provide all the nutrients chickens need for anywhere near the price of a bag of feed.

Lone chickens don't do well, she needs friends to make a flock.
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Oct 19, 2017
Most of the commercial layer food contains soy for the protein!!!
I buy commercial layer food, but I create my own layer food too.

My layer food is in a flour form.
I mainly use sunflower and oat seed for protein.
Corn and wheat are good too, but give them this food at night.
Oyster shell flour is good for calcium.
I give them some diatomaceous earth too.

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Always check the mill date on each bag of feed, and make sure it's within about four weeks, and used up by six weeks. Old feed isn't worth feeding!
One chicken is just wrong; she needs flockmates, soon.
You just can't make a balanced homemade diet for anywhere near the price of anything at the feed store!!!

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