Anyone here a Dentist, Dental assistant, Dental hygienist...?

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    Hello [​IMG] Does anyone here work with teeth? I have a quick question I was hoping one of you guys could answer.

    I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned today and I asked her about the calcifications by my gumline on a few of my teeth. I asked her if there was anything that could be done to remove them. She said there wasnt anyway they could be removed because of the fact that they weren't chalky, they were just smooth white calcification marks.

    They aren't very bad or very noticeable when I smile, they just make me uncomfortable. They're mainly on my 2 front teeth, and they're just smooth white marks by my gumline.

    So.... My question is since the dentist can't do anything to remove them, would getting my teeth professionally bleached by the dentist kind of "hide" the white marks and make them blend in? Or would they still be noticeable?

    Thanks. And i know getting your teeth bleached by the dentist is VERY expensive, I'd just have to save my money [​IMG]
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    Mahonri is a dentist--might PM or email him to ask.

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