Anyone here cook racoon?


11 Years
Sep 25, 2010
Mississippi Gulf Coast
We have a constant battle with coons trying to get into our chicken coop. One got in early this morning and molested a hen before dh scared it off. Dh now trying to trap/shoot coons.

I am willing to cook it if he gets one, even if just for the dogs.

Anybody have any experience with this?
I personally have never cooked one but I did eat some one time that a guy cooked on the grill, bbq'ed, and it was delicious.
Yep, and it's delish..

Fry it in a large skillet just enough to brown it. Then put it in a roaster in the oven with a bunch of real butter and surrounded by sweet taters. season with salt, pepper and creole seasoning to taste. Cover it with tinfoil and bake slowly until tender.

So good it'll make ya slap yo Momma.

Gotta make homeade buttermilk cathead biscuits to go with it though.
I KNEW you respond to this thread!

Now whats a cathead biscuit?

X2, MFB I'm ok cooking the coon but NOT my cat; you might need to provide a recipe for the cathead biscuits (please)
Yea but I prefer to eat one that is havested in late fall or early winter. They will be pretty lean right now having used all thier fat to get through the winter. Plus some females are already carrying babies and I'm not real big on eating prego things.

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