Anyone in MN know if you need a permit to keep quail?


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Mar 7, 2010
EchoingAcres, MN
I'm thinking of geting some quail and need to know if I need a permit to keep them, also for pheasants(not ringnecks).

ETA: I live in Minnesota.
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May 19, 2011
I love in SW New Mexico and we dont need anything here, but I am not sure were you live. You could probaley call animal control in your area and find out. I am sure that it would be the same permits for chickens. Do you have to have permits for chickens where you live. My dad always says...its better to ask for forgiveness later, than get a no right away.


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Jul 26, 2009
Check online with your states department of fish, game, and wildlife, or natural resources, or whatever they call it in MN. They should have a section of the website devoted to which permits are needed to own what species.

Here in Michigan, on native and naturalized species are regulated, so it means you need a permit to own bobwhites, ringneck pheasants, Hungarian partridge. And, IIRC, wild turkeys are just plain banned, but I'm not positive. For the first three, there is a 12 bird or less personal exemption -- if you keep 12 or less for personal use only, you don't need a permit.

All other species of quail, such as Coturnix, the exotic/ornamental pheasants, and Chukars are unregulated and you can keep as many as you want, subject to local zoning of course.

MN may be similar -- most of the states base their regulations on national "model" regulations developed by a multi-state committee of experts in the field. So, they tend to be similar from state to state, although there is always room for individual legislatures to throw weird stuff into the laws.

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