Anyone in North Florida?


Silkie Daddy
9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Anyone near Mayo, Live Oak, Perry, Branford or Lake City Florida? I live about an hour from Gainesville and about an hour and 25 minutes from Tallahassee. I live in Mayo, which is about 20 minutes from Live Oak, 30 minutes from Perry, 15 minutes from Branford, and about 45 minutes from Lake City. I would probably fall over dead if I found out that someone near me raised silkies, cochins, japanese bantams, or brahmas. Especially silkies

I am 18 and have no friends or family interested in poultry.....gets kind of lonely around here chicken-wise. Not saying i don't have friends, just not any who are interested in birds.
Hi Fl Teen..don't want ya to fall over dead..but there are a number of people from your area..look up Sunshine Lake City..TriciaHowe in HighSprings..check out the Fl thread...and

(I have family all over in your area..from Lake Butler-Live Oak-Old Town-Ellisville-Lake City)
Thank you, I just found the Florida Thread. A lot of people in the big cities

What quality are the silkies at Sunshine Silkies?
By the way, I would still like replies from folks who live in the towns I mentioned earlier, even if you listed yourself in the other Florida thread.

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