Anyone in the South Bay of CA?


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Apr 17, 2013
Gilroy, CA
I am in Gilroy. Im 30 minutes east of the coast and a half hour south of San Jose and an hour and a half south of San Francisco.

I'm new to chickens (less than a month) although I've had macaws for 20 years.

I like to talk to someone about our weather and what chickens can handle. I purchased the small coop at Costco and it doesn't have a door to close up the roost area at night. Our winters are so mild but we do have times where it drops into the 20's/30's.
I want to start planning now for modifications I might have to make. This is a photo of the coop after I just put it together. While it was a great idea at the time, I sure wish I just bought a shed and modified it. But I do live in town and this is just for them to sleep in as I let them roam the yard all day...

So nobody in the Bay Area of California on BYC? So not likely! Chicken lovers are everywhere. Please let me know how you take care of your girls come winter and what else I might need to do to this mini coop to care for them come colder weather. Yes, I am a planner... winter is a long way away...
Hi CCstar,

I am in SJ and I know there are a few of us around here. Head on over to the Northern California thread as it is very active and can give you a lot of info. There is a Bay Area thread as well but not as active.


I'm in San Martin, just north of you. I've had chickens for about 3 years now. I've had the occasional chicken who refused to sleep in the coop and preferred nesting in a tree overnight and even in winter and rain they did fine, tho usually ended up getting picked off by an owl. A predator getting to the roosting chickens is the biggest danger to them, rather than the temps.

Good luck with your chickens and let me know if I can be of any help.

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