Anyone Interested In Pet Guinea Pigs?? MA


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
I currently have 4 piggies. Hubby brought home a couple from work that someone needed to place. One is here for the rest of his life, he is a VERY special piggie, but the others I need to place. I have very nice cages for them. Will provide food etc. 2 are mother/daughter and need to stay together (the mother and father are pedigreed and SQ). The other constantly gets picked on by other pigs so she is on her own and VERY sweet and loving, but will need to be the only pig, so she no longer gets picked on. My daughter started JR. High and they get less and less attention since she is so busy and I can only do so much. Please PM me if interested. Thank you
I wonder if they can go in with a rabbit? I think not because they need different foods.. Extra vit C and such...

Darn... ooh well..hope you find them a home!
I never had them in with a rabbit, but like I said I do have really nice large cages for them. Just hoping to find a good home for them
Id take the little picked on girl if I was closer
Good luck thouhg! Im trying to place two of my rats in new homes as well.
She is soooo sweet and I feel bad
Momma & Rosie have been alone for so long, we added Coco and not mixing well at all
I was hoping that they would work it out. There is always a chance they will, maybe? lol
I wish you were closer!
My daughter has been looking for a sweet guinea pig. She'd prefer a long-haired variety so she can brush it.
But at the moment, a loving cavy would do! She's been very disappointed at the temperament of the cavies she's petted at the local pet stores.

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