Anyone know what is wrong with my roosters legs?

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    My Bantam Brahma Rooster Griffin, has red, sore looking legs. Not that long ago I saw that the outsides of his legs(were the feathers are) were red. I didnt think anything of it then the one day they were very they are just red on the outsides and there are no feathers growing there. What could it be? Some sort of leg mite? What could I do? Help! Thanks!
    Here he is :
    here is what his legs look like:

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    It looks like scaly mite infestation. I am not sure at this time how to treat it but there is more info. here on this site. Gloria Jean
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    Quote:Yep, leg scale mite is what I would say also. I didn't know too much about this either until recently and saw it here on BYC. Treated my birds for 2 weeks and now their legs and toes look great! Treatment is easy (just a little time consuming). You need to smother those mites... you can use vaselin or (and I think this is faster and easier) a spray cooking oil (like Pam) or WD40... I alternated these two sprays... spraying legs and toes every day for 2 weeks... deformed scales will eventually fall off but they come off quicker if after the first week you soak their legs in warm water and rub the scales off. I didn't know about leg scale mites and several of my hens will have permanent damage because I let it go... treatment is so worth it. Good luck!

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