Anyone order baby chicks and ducks at the same time? (NEED HELP)


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I placed a order with ideal for 8 chicks and 5 ducklings.

I am very excited to get them!

Has anyone eles order chicks and ducks together?

Do they seperate them?

If so, Do they put extra ducks with the ducklings as packing peanuts?
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I got ducks and chicks at the same time. I posted here on byc, and I am so glad I followed the advice I received. DEFINITELY separate them. Ducks like to mess around in their water, and chicks need to stay dry, which wouldn't be possible if they were kept together. Ducks also get heavier faster, and could trample and kill chicks, especially bantams. My mom had her ducklings get in with her chicks(all about 8 weeks old), and one of the chicks(a standard) got drowned in the waterer. Ducklings also have very runny poop, and they make a lot of it. They keep the water filthy, and chickens need cleaner water. Just my opinion, I am sure you will get lots of others. Hope your babies do well.


ETA Forgot to say, I got mine from Ideal, and they sent 1 extra duckling(I ordered 25), and about 8 extra chicks(I ordered 75). This was early January though, when it was terribly cold.
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Thanks for the advice I was told ducks were a bit messy..LOL

But what I am wanting to know in the Packaging from Ideal. Since I only ordered 5 ducks will they throw in more ducks as packing peanuts.

I was wondering because I need to know if I need extra brooder size for more ducks.

Can Anyone help me?
That is a really good idea, to call Ideal. I am sure they can tell you what they usually do for small orders like that. Barring that, I would expect a few extra chicks, and a couple of extra ducklings; but that is just my best guess. I wouldn't think that they would send any more extras than that, but that would depend on how cold it is between them and you.

Hope that helps, but the previous poster probably had the best idea. Call Ideal and find out, any time I have called, they have been friendly and helpful.

I also ordered ducks and chicks from Ideal (they arrived on Thursday). We ordered two Cayuga ducks and they included a third as a packing peanut. The other 9 peanuts were chicks. 6 RIR, 1 extra Golden Phoenix, and 2 extra EE.
They all ship together.

Definitely separate them, especially with that many ducklings. They really do make a mess!
thank you all! I will most deff call Ideal tomorrow. Just to make sure so far I think I might not have to worry about extra ducklings coming since I did order 5. I just was worried because I only made enough room for 5. If there was gonna be more then 5 I was going to have to go to a bigger brooder.

Chicks will be going to my aunt we shared a order. Ducks are all mine!!

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