Anyone Planning on Having Buff Goslings In the Spring?

How far are you from Bloomington Indiana ? Seth Eads (chseeads on here) lives there and he has buffs and ill be buying eggs from him this year, but you may be close enough to pic up goslings. You can go to his website to contact him. Or look up Snoozin Goose Ranch And Keester Eggs on facebook and find him there and there's more pics of his birds on facebook.
I am near Crawfordsville. I would be willing to drive. Grey's Cafeteria in Mooresville for lunch, and my favorite sister lives due north of Morgantown.

Thanks, RR! He has really nice looking Buffs.
I had a pair of buffs last year from Ideal. I loved them. They were very entertaining and had a lot of personality. However, they poop a lot! Ours were free range and always wanted to rest in the carport under my truck. They pooped faster than I could clean it up. And, they want to investigate and pull at everything. Sadly, they were both killed by a bobcat last fall

By the way, you can order just a single pair from Ideal and meet their minimum $25 order requirement. Of course, you could get tufts.
It's my understanding that Ideal is a drop shipper. I thank you for the info, though, and if I can't find 6 in a reasonable distance, I might order from them. Am really hoping to shop locally, though.

I raised a pair of Africans years ago. IMO, the only way to raise the goslings is with a hoop tractor. It keeps the babies safe, and my shoes clean.

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