Anyone tried the blue black "night" heat bulbs?


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Jan 15, 2010
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DH picked one up for me as a backup for the brooder, incase the red reptile light goes. Its a dark blue black and emits little light, but a lot of heat, anyone tried these with chicks? How did it work out?
In my experience it will work out providing you put another bulb (red or white) very close to the black bulb.

Otherwise chicks will be attracted to light first and not to the warmest spot.

In my case I use the Y socket splitter and put 75 W black (heat bulb) with 25W red or white bulb together controlled by dimmer switch.
I'm using one of those ceramic, flat, reptile bulbs available at pet stores. It puts out NO light at all, just heat. My chicks are doing great and seem to be less skittish and are growing faster than the last batch I raised with a light bulb. They seem to have no trouble finding the heat.
I just got done brooding 10 chicks in my home with a 100w black night heat bulb, because I did not want to run the 250w heat lamp.
It worked out very good and my chicks did not have any trouble finding the heat in the brooder.
I'm using a 25 watt in my week-olds brooder (a 10 gallon aquarium) and a 75 watt in the main brooder (for my two-week old Marans). I'm surprised by the amount of heat they put out for minimum energy expenditure, and I haven't had any complaints from the babies.
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None of our hens ever had lights under them ; and our brooder was fuel heated and the bonnet kept heat in , light out . They all seemed to locate the heat without a light .
Yes, I'm using a 75W called black bulb for heat (very dark with dark purplish illumination). My brooder setup is in the garage and it's dark. I have provided another lightbulb CFL (13W with a 40W output) to the other side of the brooder right above the starter and the water it serves as daylight. I turn this off at night otherwise, my chickies will be roaming around, eat and drink even at night.
Thanks, I think I will use it when needing to move down, I have as lamp with a dimmer (another reptile aisle but lol) but the black ones a lower wattage (either 60 or 75) worried about pecking more than light, the brooder for the small round is in a room that gets good natural but indirect light, they wont be in full sun but will have a good idea of night and day.
I too am using the black light bulb for my older chicks. The day olds get the 250w red heat lamp bulb. I couldn't find any red bulbs higher than 25w, so I decided to try the black bulb, which is 60 or 65w. It works great, keeps the picking to a minimum and they have no trouble finding the heat. They also get a good sense of day and night with the black bulb. I am glad I gave it a try.
im using the same one! i was worried when my sister picked me up that rather than a red one but its working great for me as well

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