Anyone use natural wormers with success?

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    Just wondering if anyone is using natural wormers for their chickens? If so, what kind and have you done fecal tests to be sure it's working. I was just searching on line and saw a natural wormer company--VERM X (USA) and read an old post (2008-2009) on here and wondered if anyone can give testamony of it working if they're currently using it?


    I've done valbazen once and giving oral wormer to chickens is not fun....not to mention theres the wait period when you can't eat the eggs.

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    WormGuard Plus is a natural wormer that must be added to the feed for 3 months and then 3 days a week all year long. The Holistic Horse makes it and guarantees your money back if it doesn't work. At $20 per 2lb bag, it can get quite expensive, but there is no withdrawal period. It all depends on what you want to do. If you want something easier but with a withdrawal time of 2 weeks, I use Wormazole or Breco Enzum wormer liquid, one drop in mouth per pound of body weight, then repeat 10 days later. Both kill all the worms including tapes.
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    Verm-x, from what I've read, does not work. I used the wormer from the link above and got proof today that it works! The lady that makes it spent years coming up with her formula and dosage amounts, I believe she even used fecal testing during the process to make sure her ratios and doses were working. Best part is, no wasted eggs and the wormwood flavour didn't transfer to the eggs either even though I kickstarted my flock by dosing twice on day 1.

    You may notice that some of the reviews complain about animals not wanting to eat it, even when it's hidden in treats. I mixed mine in their feed and either the birds didn't notice or they actually liked it. I found that mixing it with their fermented barley was probably better because the powder sticks well to the moist grain. With mixing with dry food, like mash, some of the medicine probably doesn't get where it's supposed to go.
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    I GOT PROOF that Molly's herbals WORKS!!! So, I may have mentioned that I had to repeat the wormwood but that I doubled the dose... I've also been using the "weekly maintenance mix" monthly... Well, I found a local vet that offered to do some fecals and - guess what - she found NOTHING! Bye-bye, tapeworms!

    And I quote the dear old doc: "the worming medications are out to lunch, not safe at all.... so if you've found a good herbal that's obviously working, stay with it. It's much better for you and your chickens."
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    I am going to post this on a few of the boards because I really feel like some natural miracle has occured on our small farm. We are certified organic so if we wormed with a synthetic wormer, we would lose certification for our birds. Most other farms just cull wormy birds, but we thought we'd try something out of the box and it worked! Our fecal float test came back negative for parasites and ova.

    These are not the measurements we used, but the ratio is the same. I assume all of you don't have 100 chickens. We got all of it from Mountain Rose Herbs

    1/2 cup Myrrh gum powder
    2 cups ginger root powder
    1 cup Rosemary

    1 cup basil
    1 cup thyme

    We also ferment their food. I am sure that helped boost their natural defenses. For 2.5 gallons of fermented feed, I sprinkled 3 ounces per day of this mix over the top, as they were eating. Did this for 3 weeks
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