Anyone use the freezer press & seal wrap to keep meat?

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    I forget the brand name(s) but it's a rather thick, maybe waffle-weave type of plastic wrap that's supposed to give you a good air-tight seal. You place the meat on one sheet and place another sheet on top, then press all around the meat until it's sealed.

    Have you used this? If so, what brand? How well does it work to keep the meat fresh? If not, do you have something else you like better?

    I had been using an electric vacuum sealer but I was not happy with the results. Maybe it's my machine, maybe it's just me. But it was hard getting a good tight seal to stick, and even then, the packages would get air leaks in the freezer.

    The last time I stuck the meat in zip-lock bags and sucked the air out with a straw. But I think there's something better I could use.

    I don't have much room in my freezer so I always simmer the meat off my birds and freeze it in packets, usually divided into dark or light. I'd really like to find the best material/method to preserve the meat in the best condition for later use.

    My processing pal & I want to also learn how to can the meat, since here in South Fla we have to factor in hurricanes each year, and the possibility of no electricity for 3 weeks or more. But that's a topic for another thread...
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    We just got a vacum sealer and so far we are very pleased with it, other than it is on the slow side.

    We found a much quicker way to get the meat off the bones for freezing, use a pressure cooker. We just did about 10 turkey leg quarters, 15 minutes at 15 pounds pressure at it's falling off the bones. Plus Sharon made soup out of the stock.

    The only downside to canning meat is the time involved, it takes 90 minutes + to can.

    Steve in NC

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