Anyone used LED coop lighting?


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Jun 4, 2010
My first coop is currently a work in progress. I've read that winter lighting turn-off, if a simple on/off can upset the chickens like kids not wanting to go to bed. So I was thinking of LED lighting. There are battery powered 10 LED 12vdc car lamps for $5 on Ebay. The light from these will decay predictably when run from batteries. I think I'll eventually build a circuit which will power these while also powering a timer that might be set to turn on at a set time in the AM and off again at a set time in the PM. After the set turn-off the LEDs will be powered by NiMH AA cells that will decay until out. The solar power will also be used to drive the hatch, also timed to open and close using, possibly, electric toothbrush motors.

So, anyone find chickens have any problems with LED lighting? Thanks.



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Jul 17, 2009
I have a bunch of those solar-led pathway lights along the run. I think they are $3 apeice at home depot.

BUT--the chickens like to dig them up, so now they are on the outside of the run.

I also have some hanging-lantern style solar-LED lights. I can pull them off the hooks & move them around if I need to.


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My Coop
I have purchased 100 light exterior LED Christmas lights from ebay and installed them in several of my coops. They work very well and have a dusk-sensing solar-charging configuration already!

I just use cup hooks around the perimeter of the ceiling of the coop to string them up, and they come on when they need to!

ETA- they also take a couple of hours to turn off at night, as you stated regarding predictable decay. It was worth $16 shipped to be able to pull them out of the box and hang them!
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