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    I borrowed a LG 9200 from my sister to try my hand at hatching and yes I know these are hard to regulate but I don't have the money for a new hova and the few used I have found are just as high as the new it's crazy.

    Back to the subject: Can anyone give me advice on these little incubators so that I can have a better hatch. All this bator has is the top the bottom and a screen. I know that I have to use a surge protector. I also have the kitchen cupboard no slip shelfing stuff. Now I will plug it in and try to regulate the heat. I will be getting a hygrometer from walmart today (well actually 2)for inside the bator. Someone also said I should have one for the outside as well?

    Now here is my confusion do I keep the temps in the LG 9200 at 101 or do I keep it at 99.5 ? I am thinking that I should keep humitity at around 45% ? I am suppose to turn the eggs at the same time everyday (no turner and just as much to pick one up for this bator as a hova, does anyone have a reasonable price used one for this bator out there ?) and at least 3 or 4 times a day? on the 18th day I stop turning (now is that on the morning of the 18th day or the last turn on the 18th day ? they should hatch on or around day 21 ? I mark the eggs with a X on one side and a O on the other but what do I use to write with ? I lay them on their side ? I will be trying the egg carton hatch method so on the 18th day when I stop turning do I put them in the egg carton for the hatch at that time ? I put the small side in the carton ? do I try to slant them a little in the carton? last ? I think, what meds do I use while this is going on so I don't lose what little of my mind I have left while waiting for fuzzies ?

    If I have any of this wrong please correct me. I can take it really I can LOL

    One last thing YES I have Hova bator 1588 w/turner envy but until my budget changes I will sit here and drool over eveyone elses. I know these must be good because you don't find them used anywhere, and if you do they are as high as new. So if someone has one sitting around collecting dust for a reasonable price please email me about a possiable sale @ [email protected] Thanks

    Edited for the correction of the LG number sorry
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    I just hatched with my lg 9200 still air. If it is still air you want your temps at 101.5 or 102. That is what I kept mine at. I did not use a wiggler. Keep a wet sponge in it, and fill the resevoirs full for humitdity. I turned by hand 3 times a day. Temps will drop when you open it, but don't adjust it.
    They will go back up. The main thing is just watch your temps with this incubator they do have a tendaceny to flucuate. I put a accurite temp in mine, I just set the whole thing in there, and layed the probe across the eggs. I did my first hatch thought for sure I fried the little guys, but I got 10 chicks out of 14 not bad for first time. I hope this helps you some. Good luck.
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    I use a Lg all the time and have good luck and have 100 % hatches. Mine is forced air and use a turner. I put a bowl of water in it and set it under one of the small holes on the top and use a eye droppeer to add water that way i don't have to open it up. I never have a problem holding temp and humidity. I also use the red plugs to controll humudity. I have 9 call duck eggs in there now and have opted to turn them by hand so we'll see how it goes . The less i open the bater the easier it is to controll the humidity for me.
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    I just finished my first hatch ever and had a 100% hatch rate using my LG. I hayched out ducklings so Ihad to have my humidity way higher than for chicks.

    But are a few things I learned along the way that might help you...

    But the LG in a room with stable temps
    use the surge protector
    place a towel under the unit - trust me the first time you over fill the wells you will see why I put a towel under mine LOL
    check the wells every 3 days or so
    use a good hydrometer/thermo - I got the Accurite from wal*mart seems to work well
    the water wiggler will be your friend LOL
    shelf liner works great at keeping the eggs from rolling to much and it gives the baby's something soft to rest on

    good luck I am planning to try my hand at chicken eggs next [​IMG]

  5. 1mommahen

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    Mar 20, 2008
    I'm using the LG still air right now. Day 5 . I'm using the "dry hatch" method. There's a link on BYC, Miss Prissy knows it. She's great with incubation stuff. Good luck![​IMG]
  6. Make sure you take your temp at the TOP of your eggs. 101-102 has to be the temp for a still air but that temp is for the top of the eggs not on the floor. You will have a pretty big temp variation between the floor and the egg tops so do not worry.

    I dangle a probe into one of the red plug holes. Put the plug back into the hole once you run the probe through. Hang it right at egg height to get a good reading of the temp.

    I hope this makes sense to you LOL [​IMG]
  7. Crazy4Chicks

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    Nov 20, 2007
    Glendale, AZ
    I never thought about doing that !! I will have to do that with my next hatching project - do you do this with the Accurite probe?

  8. scgamecock

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    My bator is a LG and it was "given" to me from my uncle whoi told me to use it and said keep it right now I don't need it.I have used it several times and had decent hatches but if I decide to keep going with hatching I would like to invest in a nicer one later.
  9. P0U1TRYP3RS0N

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I got an LG for Christmas and hatched four chicks in it this week. I used to have a Hovabator, and the LG is a little different. The LG's thermostat is REALLY, REALLY REALLY sensitive--once it reaches the desired temp don't touch it again!!!! You didn't mention if it was still-air (the standard LG 9200) or had the fan kit installed. I got mine as still-air and installed the fan kit--the temp is easier to regulate and it warms up faster. The directions (not sure if yours came with directions or not) don't clearly state how much water to add--I filled all of the water wells and have had condesation on the windows--so too much humidity. So maybe you should only fill two of the water wells, depending on your humidity (I'm in Arizona and we don't have very much humidity)?? Also, the hygrometer is a great idea, and be sure that whatever thermometer you use that you calibrate it by checking it against your thermostat or another thermometer you know to be accurate.
    As for the turning, for best results you should turn the eggs at least twice a day, preferabley three times a day. Turn the eggs by rolling them-never end over end. On one side of the egg put a X or O or check mark (I put a circle that I filled with a smiley face for a live embryo and a X for a dead/infertile after I candled the eggs).
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    Thank you all so much I was really stressing about the LG as I have read so much negative about it I am so glad to read of success stories. Thanks all again for helping.

    Thanks for the correct temp and I promise not to touch that dial once the temp is where it belongs
    and I will watch it close

    I will be using the water bowl trick thanks for that

    Thanks for the towel tip I've never read that one before but sounds like it will save a big mess. What is a water wiggler I have read it but I am not sure what it is or what it does LOL

    I got that site from Miss Prissy from another thread but thanks for reminding me I will check it again

    I will take the temp at the top of the eggs adn I will dangle the probe, it makes great sense

    Thanks for the idea of using my LG for a hatcher when the hova bater 1588 fairie brings me a new/used bater

    I will make sure and check the temp and make sure I have back up. And once the temp is right I will not touch it again.

    Thanks again for all the help and the great info

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