Anyone with experience with badgers?


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
At least I think that's what we're dealing with. It hasn't attacked anything, yet. Well, except me and my husband (sort of).

Something's been down in the soybean field just beyond the hen house twice when I went out. The first time it made a sort of weird squawk at me, and it answered with that same squawk every time I yelled at it.

Last night, it actually charged me, but stopped at the edge of the soybean field and then made a racket shaking up the soybeans. My husband went down with the dog and it huffed and panted and charged him and the dog. When they didn't move, it stopped, made the same huffing noise several times and finally retreated slowly.

We never actually saw it, but it is the only thing that makes sense. It actually sounded like a bear, but we don't have bear in Nebraska.

Supposedly, badger attacks on chickens are rare and they don't attack humans unless cornered. But this guy definitely wasn't cornered. I was just out taking the puppy potty when it decided to charge.

I wrote out the whole encounter here. If anyone has any other ideas what it could be, let me know!
Badgers are very dangerous I am not sure who said they wont attack a human Badgers are killing machines. I hear they can even Kill a yote. there common around here but scarecly seen mainly spotted at night time walking down the dirt roads. please be very safe with dealing with this predator Shoot to Kill do not try to even get near it. heres just one of many links on badger attacks theres even a story where some man brought a baby badger home his wife had a baby boy and the badger ate the babys faceoff and the baby died. exerise extreme cation with this animal.
Oh. Badgers are nasty predators to have on your property. They are seldom seen and generally would run off to one of their holes so I would be surprised that one would charge if it wasn't cornered.

We have had a few badgers show up on our property. I never saw one but knew they were there because of the hugh holes springing up all over the pasture. One of our dogs poked his head in one of the holes and ended up with a head that looked like he was blasted with a shotgun. Thankfully, after a trip to the vet and several weeks the dog recovered and the badger moved on.

When the badgers show up, we have lost cats, baby pigs, and poultry. We never saw any being taken or saw any sign other than just they were just gone.

If we now see the holes showing up, we take the tractor out seal all the holes we find and run over the holes to pack down the dirt. If the badger is in one of the holes, then so be it. This has worked and they either move on or they are planted in one of the holes. It may seem a bit heartless but they are not a welcome guest. They leave hugh holes where our cattle can step in and break a leg, take our small animals, and cost us lots of money in a vet bills.

I hope you don't have one. My advise would be to look for hugh mounds of dirt with entry hole of 10 inches or better that tell you if you have one about. They have a huge range and can dig 5 or more holes in one night. Good luck.
Yeah, I saw that. But we're on the opposite side of the state. They were rare but present here in the east years and years ago, but I don't think they're around anymore. They just wander into the western part of the state out of Colorado once in a while.
Are you anywhere near the Iowa/Missouri Border? There was a black bear taken in 2008 in Iowa near the Nebraska border in that area.
Please be careful with badger.
Yikes. We're near the IA border, but the MO border is still quite a bit south of us.

I THINK we would have seen a bear, though. It was angry, charging and huffing, but we only saw the soybeans moving. They're ready to harvest (in fact, they're out harvesting now), but soybeans aren't that tall.

We caught some eye shine here and there. Or at least my husband did. I stayed back with the puppy.
Probably a badger. We have them here, too, but rarely see them. I've seen 4 of them in the 28 years I've lived here. They usually tend to stay out of sight, but maybe yours wasn't near a hole where it could escape so it felt threatened and charged. I've never had a problem with them bothering my chickens, but that could be because there's plenty of other wildlife around so they don't need to come near the buildings.

Pinapplemama: We had a full grown black lab die as a result of fighting with a badger. Can't imagine what one would do to your doxies!

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