Anyone With Real Ghost Stories?


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Jun 26, 2008
Okay, what I am about to relate might have logical, rational explanations.

We used to live in a house that was 111 years old. It was a small house in a tiny community in western Iowa. Many strange things happened in that house that we couldn't explain. I hesitate to say it was a ghost because I still hold out the chance that there was a logical explanation.

Our ghost, if it was indeed a ghost, was not harmful, just annoying.

As Halloween is coming up, I thought that I would share my stories. Please share your own.

Here are a couple of my stories:

The door on our bathroom had never come open on its own. It wasn't uneven or loose. One day it opened. I shut the door, it opened again. After a couple of times, I grew annoyed. I shut the door and pulled on the handle to make certain that it clicked. The door opened again on its own. My son went into the bathroom and pushed his shoulder against the door while I pulled. Like before, with NO TURNING OF THE KNOB, the door opened. So, at this point, I am annoyed with the ghost. I lock the door and dare it to open it again. Nothing. When we unlocked the door, we realized that the knob was now broken and would no longer click shut. It wasn't broken before just after I had unlocked it.
odd, story, but might have a logical explanation.

In three years of living in the house that door had never done that. I also made sure that it clicked shut each time. I think that something was messing with the interior workings of the knob somehow. Of course, there might be a logical explanation.

I will put another story in the next post. Please put up your own.
We let our beagle out every night and he would alert us to when he wanted in by scratching on the front window. (it was a large window)

ONe night, I heard him scratching at the windows. I opened the door and called and called him. I could still hear the scratching noise. Turning around, I saw him standing in the living room, looking at me like I lost my mind. The next day, I went out and pushed the bushes that were planted near the window. Try as I might I could not make those branches reach that window.

I always tried to debunk any ghostly experiences when I had them. Most I could come up with a logical explanation even if I had to stretch my mind a bit. Some were just too odd to explain.

Here is one more: I had a photo of my great grandmother sitting on my dresser. One day it went missing, I searched and searched for that photo. It has just disappeared. When we went to move, I dumped my dresser drawers into a box. After doing this to the top drawer, I made certain that there was nothing in the drawer. I inspected each drawer to make certaint that I had not left anything behind. I put the drawer back into the dresser and emptied another drawer. When I returned, there was my grandmother's photo smack in the middle of the partially open drawer(I hadn't shut it all the way) The photo was not stuck in a corner, it was in the middle of the drawer as if someone had laid it there.

I still don't believe in ghost but I believe in the "possibility' of ghosts. I think most sighting are hoaxes or mistakes. Still, some of the things that happened in that house were odd.

Please leave your own story.
Don't know if you want to call this a ghost or an angel story maybe a bit of both....


I was my Grandma's main source of help. I would take time to ride into town on my 10 speed then my atv... I promised her when I was 14 that as soon as I got my license she would never have to drive again and that I would move in and live with her... I loved her so much!

She died before I was 15..... I had bad dreams for months.. Broken promises I couldnt keep....


I was 16. First winter storm on the road driving. I had begged to get out early from work cause I had a bad feeling about my ride home. But because I have a mechanics shop in the family the boss laughed that I would be fine>>>>

Well......... I spun out on a bad turn.... 3 times I spun that car around... Some how I stopped in my lane facing the right direction...

Remember I was going around a TURN! Got missed by and oncoming car.... Scared sh*tless.....

Had a funny feeling, looked to my left where the passenger seat is.....

I swear I saw my Grandma.... Laughing!!! She smiled and gone.....

I made it home shaking and quaking.....

I still shake when I think about it today... It's been 19 years....

Reason I think it's a little of both angel and ghost....

Remember those dreams of my broken promises: I dreamt of her that nite. I was standing in her house (I hadn't been there sicne she passed) I was in the bathroom trying to figure out why the faucet was off yet the water was running.... She showed up told me to stop crying I was holding her back. She got her ride in my car and that it was time to let her go...

I woke up the next day and I felt so much better.... I still miss her but I know she is waiting in a better place...
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Oh, my son had a friend over who refused to sleep in his room. I have no idea what the boy witnessed but he told my son he would never come back because our house was haunted.
She was helping you and enjoying the ride.
Maybe she was trying to reassure you that everything was all right.
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I reread your post with the addition. If you really saw a ghost then it was your grandmother taking time to comfort you. She must have loved you very much.
My dad and I were very close, and when he had a stroke and was in the hospital, all of us kids were there reading the bible to him and telling our favorite stories. Even tho he was unconsious, sometimes we would see him smile a bit. He passed away after a week, and I was especially upset - almost histerical at times. One night I was asleep, and having a particularly bad dream about his suffering in the hospital, and was woken up by something - as I opened my eyes, I saw a tiny baby floating above the bed - I looked over at my husband who was still sleeping - then back up and the baby was still there. it gave me a sidways wink they way my dad used to and disappeared. I am sure that it was him telling me that he was OK and to not be so sad. it was a great comfort to me.

When I told my family - they just looked at me like I was crazy and we never mentioned it again.
Your father wanted to comfort you. That is sweet.

All my ghost stories are just strange, like my ghost(if that was what it was) wanted to play pranks on us.

One thing that surprised me about the occurences in our house is that there was no predictable time table in which everything would happen. Movies and shows about ghost make it sound as if everything occurs in a short time period or nightly. Our 'events' happened with time gaps between each happening and many things happened in broad daylight.

I always wonder about the validity of shows like Ghost Hunters because you can't predict when things happen and they seem to catch too many things on tape for my comfort. You could live in my old house a month or more before anything odd happened.
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My grandma's half brother was killed in Vietnam. he was buried on family property. Back in the 70's my grandma went out to the family cemetary and snapped some pictures because it was such a beautiful area. When she developed the pics there was a very clear picture of Jesus with open arms about 15 feet off the ground.

The picture was sent to Kodak and verified that there was no manipulation on it, and when my grandma passed, I was going through some of her older things and never could find the pic.

This past year while cleaning out my parents barn I found an old shoe box with the photo and letter from Kodak. If I can scan it I'll post it here, it's eerie.

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