Appartment silkie?


May 10, 2015
Ontario Canada
I got my mom some adorable silkie and quail chicks for mothersday and am building her a log cabin chicken coop, but my girlfriend has fallen in love with one of the little guys, she calls it coocoo and he snuggles into her hand and its, adorable. So i looked up bylaws in the area and found nothing on chickens in the offical bylaw pdfs, and i have seen a few things on house chickens. So...
how does one raise a appartment chicken? I mean, coocoo is just a baby now but, what kind of things do you think would help him live the fullest life possible as an appartment chicken?
We already have a lionlop bunny, would they be happy living together or do you think building coocoo er own little hutch dealy would be best? Also, diapers, litter training, what seems the most rational.
It would be much better for the chick to stay with the group and go to your mom's house (hopefully mom wants chicks, right?). A lone chick is NOT a good thing, the chick will likely become depressed and have other issues.

Chickens are social animals that do best in a flock, they also do best when they can be outdoors scratching around and living a full life. If your girlfriend loves the little chick then she will want to put the chicks needs and well being first and do what is best for the little guy.

Your girlfriend can get chickens later when she has a yard and can keep a few.
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Speaking of rational, if there is no apartment complex rule saying "NO chickens or other livestock" it is simply because they couldn't imagine anyone trying to keep chickens in an apartment.

Eventually the apartment management WILL find out and they will put much more stringent rules regarding pets in place.
I would check with the apartment before making plans to keep the chick. They're normally pretty strict on what kind of animals can be kept. It's not a matter of "if they find out" but when. If they can't do anything immediately after learning of the chick then they can most likely change the lease terms when it comes time to renew.
Tell your girl friend that "coo-coo" isn't a shelf ornament. It's a chicken with animal needs other than supplying her with occasional amusement.

A Silkie's needs include others of its breed to keep it warm, since its feathers lack the insulating properties of standard breeds. It's well being is crucially dependent on it having at least one other of its own kind for companionship. A bunny won't quite cut it.

But just getting ONE Silkie is a deal breaker.

That said, Silkies do quite well in a hutch-like coop inside a home. They are pretty quiet and don't require much space. But she needs to do her homework and make sure she isn't going to face an irate landlord who may demand she get rid of her chickens or face eviction, resulting in her chickens being abandoned at some animal shelter. She needs to be responsible and think this through more carefully than either of you have so far.
I dont know what kind of circumstance would leave coocoo in a shelter, as i sure if they landlord does find out and have a problem with coocoo, my mom would take the lovely little dude back.
I'm aware its not the most sencical way to keep the coocoo happy. She loves that chicken, so, i gotta figure it out.

Would a quail be a good companion or should it be a silky for sure?
Also the smell...the chicken run I have only smells slightly but it's outaide in fresh air..also note that she'll be exposing her lungs to feayher, bedding, and poo dust. Yes poo dust. Bird poo becomes hard and turns to dust and you do not want to breath that s h I t lol literaly
There isn't anything to figure out. Chickens do not belong in apartments. It isn't a good situation for the chick, your fellow tenants or your landlord. She can visit the chick at your mother's house.

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