Appropriate duck house size?


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Jun 15, 2020
TyCo, West Virginia
I have a duck house that my dad built for my previous ducks a few years ago ( predators got them ) and I was wondering if it was big enough? I’m not sure of the dimensions, but I think it’s a 4x4 or a 4x5 structure. It previously housed 4 pekins, but I ordered ducklings and they’re supposed to ship out around the beginning of February. I’m just wanting to know if I’d have to expand a bit. I don’t have a picture of the duck house on hand and it’s night right now. Also, i’m bouncing around the idea of them being free-ranged or having a run for them

Ducks total: 5
  • 1 white pekin hen
  • 1 black runner hen
  • 1 blue Swedish hen
  • 1 khaki Campbell hen
  • 1 buff drake
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Apr 1, 2019
Okay, well, I already have 4 pekins ( different pekins from the ones that got eaten by predators a few years ago lol ) that I thought about selling, but he can go in with them. Would a buff drake be okay?
yeah that would work perfectly, if possible i recommend a mallard or call drake because if the drake is smaller than the hens it’ll be a lot better

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