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    Alright, I want to sell an assorted dozen eggs auction style. [​IMG] This will end 4PM central time on Sunday. The eggs will consist of an assortment of the following:
    As many as I gather this weekend pure BLRW (I only have 3 girls laying)
    will finish off the dozen and add extras of the following mixed eggs:
    BLRW Roo/Black sex link hen
    BLRW Roo/unknown breed redish brown hen
    Bantam EE Roo/BTWJ hen
    Bantam EE Roo/Standard (but small) EE hen

    I have some of all these eggs in the bator due to hatch March 12th and they are looking GREAT!!!!

    Shipping will be $9 and they will be mailed in a flat rate priority box. Paypal only for payment. If payment is made Sunday they will be shipped first thing Monday morning.

    Thanks all!!!
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