Are my chicks old enough to go outside?


Mar 29, 2018
North NJ
My question is this, will my chicks survive outside when the night time temperature drops to 30 degrees?
I have 15 chicks.
5 Black Sex Links- 35 days old
3 Rhode Island Reds- 31 days old
3 Orpingtons- 31 days old
4 Amber links- 23 days old
Their coop which is a converted horse stall inside of a small barn is 80 square feet and very secure. It has three heat lamps spaced about 2 feet apart from each other. They can maintain the desired temp of 80 degrees under the heat lamps throughout the night. The other side of the coop would probably hit 30 degrees. Too soon to throw them out of the house? If so, when would it be time?

They're brooder is plenty big enough and they're doing great now, just getting tired of them in the heated porch. I feel it may be a little early and it's too cold out but they're getting huge!
Let me chime in here, I'm no expert. But I also am brooding chicks right now, mine are about 21ish days old. I put them outside a little over a week ago and they are doing just great. Now we're using different methods for the brooding process(I'm using MHP, not heat lamps). But all that being said if you're sure that your set-up is secure I feel like they will do great outside. Mine certainly have and are about 10 days younger than yours and sounds like we have similar weather. Hope that helps, best of luck with your chooks. Oh and :welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here:frow.
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