Are my eggs still good?


Nov 19, 2016
Huntington, Indiana
Hey guys! I currently have a broody Australorp and I she is on her 5th day of hatching eggs, but this morning when i went in to the coop i saw that a light wooden board had landed on them. They are not cracked but she couldn't get on them to lay on them. When i touched the eggs they weren't super cold but they weren't warm either. Just wanted to know if they were still good. As soon as i lifted up the board she went and sat right on them. She really is a good mother, she only gets up about once a day! Thanks!
Won't hurt to leave them and see what happens.
Have you candled them at all yet?
Well, this is my first time EVER having a broody hen or even trying to hatch out eggs at all! I don't have a candler either i was just going to let her sit for 21 days to find out!! All though the other day and egg fell out of the nesting boxes and cracked, so naturally i picked it up and opened it and there was a bunch of veins and a little chick, (keep in mind that i opened it at 3 or 4 days.)
Thanks so much! Hope they're ok!! Mama is now sitting on eggs and they are very warm. will try to candle tonight with a phone flashlight.
since i have mostly eggs that are brown i had a hard time seeing in to them, but one of my leghorn eggs i could see in REALLY well and there were veins everywhere and looked pretty good!!
Well guys, i went out to the coop this morning and there were only 5 eggs that she was sitting on!! She started out sitting on 12, then about 3 or 4 broke because of her weight and falling out of the box, then they just started disappearing and i didn't really think anything of it because hey, i still have 7 eggs right? But then when the 2 went missing last night i'm really getting worried! Now i am down to any 5 eggs, and i don't even no if they are all even fertilized. ANY HELP? Thanks.
If you can't candle them, about the only other thing you can do is wait it out. I'd suggest looking closely at your coop to see where a rat or maybe a snake might be getting in and stealing your eggs.
Okay, that sounds good... (might be too high but a rat can't get 'em.)

Is there any way the eggs can fall out?
If so, they might have and other chickens ate them.

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