are my turkeys sick or is this normal?`

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    A i got some turkeys about a month and a half ago from my friends neighbor. she had taken in the mother and father as rescues from the local spca, and they had had 2 set of eggs hatch which she could no longer take care of. they arent very old yet we call them the teen and babies. but a little over a week ago i started noticeing some lumps on the older two "teens" then this week the younger ones have it and one of the older ones looks like its gotten better.
    im not sure what breed exactly iv ben told they are eastern wilds by one person and spanish blacks by another both people do know something about turkeys but not alot.

    here are some pics taken today:
    this one you can see the different sizes of the turkeys and some of the ones that have the lumps

    this is the one that is looking alot better as of today.

    up until now i havent had any problems with them or any of my chickens other than my chickens being to smart for their own good and constatly getting out of their pen.
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