Are our African Geese males or females?


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Dec 12, 2020
Are our African geese boys or girls? We see an under flap, but a big knob on top. They have long necks and thick legs. Ryann (the one that doesn’t have angel wing), will come up and circle me often - taking and nibbling on my hand and legs. They look and sound like boys, but the little sac underneath is confusing me. They are about 5-6 months old. 869F1F6B-1E38-42DD-AC57-90B7AEE68093.jpeg 11A5E21E-CCE4-45B7-89C1-5E43E2AFE27F.jpeg
I don't have this breed. I can clearly tell my male pilgrim, not only by color, but because he actually honks. My females, both buffs, and pilgrims are loud, but I never hear an actual honk. It's quite distinctive now that I finally have a male.

Hopefully someone more familiar with African geese can help out.
My Gander has a screech to his voice much louder very distinctive while all the girls are a little more on the baritone curve. My gander will challenge straight on and the girls lower there heads to mark there space. The other way to tall is whatch when there doing there little breading ritual while in water it takes a gander a little time to get his wewe in. I have what 7 african
I have a video that I’m wanting to share but am unable to?? I’m on my phone too - does logging in and posting from my computer help?
it it hurts your ears because of the high pitch its probably a Gander. All are them are loud but only one makes my ears ring.
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