Are Pekin roos noisy?


Jul 14, 2021
Hello chicken people! Does anyone have any experience keeping pekin bantam Roos? I have 7 week old pekin chicks, 4 of which it seems are boys. It has always been the intention to rid of the boys however ive become quite attached to one in particular. He’s ever so sweet, friendly, dances to the beat of his own drum & not dominant at all. I haven’t seen him practice crowing yet like a couple of the others although it’s still early days I suppose. He also gets picked on a lot by one particular boy who is just super mean :eek:( question is, if I kept him, would he be noisy? I live in a rural village, lots of people have hens etc but could I get away with a cockerel?!
Pic of said boy attached 💕


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It depends on their individual crow. My Cochin (Pekin) bantam roos aren’t as loud as the standards but they’re still roosters so people are going to hear them.
I feel it’s better to find a cockerel a good home with hens of his own where you can visit him than try to keep him if you’re not allowed to have roosters and get really attached.
My two bantam Cochin/Pekin roosters crow quite a bit whenever I am outside. They enjoy human interaction and want the attention. If I'm not outside they don't crow as much but will crow. My Barred boy has a scratchy crow and my white frizzled boy is smaller and has a more high pitched crow but it has an adorable pitch to it. I don't think their crows carry as far as my large sized boys, but they seem equally as loud whenever they're all in the same area. They really are sweethearts but I've found that my Cochin/Pekins don't do well if they don't have adequate space. Also, my Barred Bantam Cochin/Pekin gets picked on by any and everyone. I've had to make him his own space during the day because the other boys chase him, and only him, away from everyone. I wanted to mention that since you mentioned something about them being bullied.
Thank you for taking the time to reply guys, really appreciate it. As much as I don’t want to, I think it’s probably best I rehome all 4 roos including my little fav :eek:( we are very early risers in our family so a roo wouldn’t bother us but one next door neighbour is retired and the other works all hours for the police force so perhaps wouldn’t appreciate the wake up calls! X

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