Are there any pigeons that don't fly?


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Jun 25, 2008
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I'm looking for pigeons that fly but not very much. I just need them to be able to fly up to a roost. Are there any that are to big to actually fly but can flap up to a roost or any that just fly like a chicken?
Parlor roller/tumblers can't fly, but some of them are capable of getting up to a short roost. We had 2, one would roost on the side of a nest about 12" off the ground, the other was incapable of flight at all.
Parlor rollers can generally fly as young birds but lose the ability as they mature. Do a search on them. They are interesting birds.
If you want something that just flies here and there, and not as a flock in the sky, then any fancy breed will do. Especially the large ones and those with lots of ornaments. Fantails, Lahores, Kings, Mookees, etc. Oriental Frills (Satinettes) are also good, although they can fly. Mine sometimes make a few laps with my homers, but if it wasn't for me having so many homers, they wouldn't be motivated to fly like that.
Mookees are so much fun!!! I have a pair of blue bars and I will sometimes run my homers inside so I can put the mooks in the flyspace and they just sit there and look at me and bob their little heads. So cute!
I raise Komorners. They are able to fly, but often opt out on the oportunity. They would preffer to run away rather than fly. They are also very pretty.

Most breeds with overly developed crests, large tails, or long foot feathering will be less prone to flying. Many of the overly large breeds are too lazy, such as modenas. Any of the fancier frilly breeds will work out well.
Texan Pioneers. Like the Kings already mentioned, they're just too big to fly much. More of a power-assisted jump, like a chicken does!
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