Are there any "quiet" rooster chicken breeds?

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Jul 21, 2020
Hello everyone and happy holidays! I understand that no matter what the breed is a rooster will always be a rooster, It will crow from dusk till dawn. But what I really want to know is if there are any breeds that have roosters that have significantly quieter crows than your standard rooster. One that wouldn't be too noisy to annoy your neighbors who live 10 feet away from your house.
I have limited experience, but I will say my Speckled Sussex, with a collar on, is tolerable. My Blue Red Laced Wyandotte was loud and crowed ALL the friggin' time. All the time. Sadly, he had to go.
Faverolles are usually friendly and more on the hush side. They are also quite exotic!

Good luck on finding the right rooster! :)

Laura :D
I have a Salmon Faverolles who has flogged me more times than I can count and he has a big fat voice. BUT he doesn't crow all day long. He usually has a reason and doesn't seem to be like my other boys who crowed just to hear themselves crow.

I've had a dozen boys come and go from my flock and all of them were LOUD. But I'm permitted them and I have my much loved SF thug and two bantam cockerels and I just love listening to them crow!

Crow collars are dangerous. I've read too many threads here about owners finding their beloved rooster dead because of the crow collar. I don't feel they are worth the risk.

If roosters are allowed, you can try to keep one.

If they are not allowed, I wouldn't do it. It will inevitably blow up in your face as someone, some time will complain and you my even lose your chicken owning privileges.
With the standard disclaimer that every chicken is an individual: our Brahma cockerel's crow is significantly quieter than our Easter Egger's.

The Brahma's also bigger and calmer so less prone to crowing at things that go bump in the night, while the EE is more of a watch dog/middle-of-the-night crower.

That said, if you're 10' away from the Brahma, he's still pretty loud! I happen to love his gravelly voice but am biased.

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