Are these 5 month old Sizzles and Frizzled Silkies pullets or cockerels?

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Mar 31, 2015
Below are the four teenage chickens I have. There is one blue/black frizzled silkie (not quite sure on the color), one porcelain frizzled silkie, one porcelain sizzle, and one black sizzle.

I'm thinking that these two sizzles are both girls, but I'm not quite sure.

Just a better picture of one of them.

This little guy/gal is pretty hard to photograph, but I'm also leaning towards pullet.

I have a feeling that this little guy is the only cockerel in the bunch, but again, not quite sure.

The porcelains

A better picture of the porcelain sizzle (her/his name is Cream Puff!) She was a movie star in another life.

Sometimes, when going in at night, they get stuck on the ramp. Single file line please, ladies and gents!

I feel like all of these are pullets except for the porcelain frizzled silkie. What do you guys think?
Looks like a buncha ladies to me! How did you get so lucky I have gone through so many roosters to every 4 silkies I've bought at least 2 or 3 have been roosters! These are beautiful birds congrats! I would pay anything to have some look this nice! :)
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