Are these both roosters?


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Apr 15, 2012
I'm pretty sure they are - whitey has a big red comb and the grey has developing colours and tail feathers. And they squabble like this (but I've seen hens do that, too). But grey has a small pink comb, whitey has small tail feathers, and neither of them has spurs. Just want to be sure before I get rid of one.

The blue one ( which looks like an Easter Egger) is a cockerel I can see saddle feathers and the comb is big and red. Your Colombian Rock ( the white chicken) looks to be a rooster as well. Could you get some closeup pictures of their body and tail area?
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Thank you! I'm sorry they are such awful pictures. Will get some better ones tomorrow.
Agree your blue EE looks to be a boy with the shoulder color etc. Need better pictures of the other one, and also how old are they?
The grey one is a rooster. That type of comb just doesn't get as large as the straight combed bird.

I think the white bird is also a rooster, but age is the key here. How old?
Thanks for your input!

They are both a little over 4 months.
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