are these EE'S roo's and what about this little golden comet?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by grunt soldier, May 11, 2011.

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    Apr 5, 2011
    just curious. my one ee is super shy and like to hide so its hard to get pics of here but she literally looks just like her sister/brother? and he/she isn't so shy. i saw some pics looking through this forum and am now wondering. i believe these girls are about 12 weeks old or so? they are suppose to be pullets but who knows. also no crowing as of yet either



    and this little girls (suppose to be lol) just exudes roo to me. she is very bossy to and this comb i believe she is the only chick with one that is so pronounced, the rest are still very small. she is probably 8-9 weeks old. not crowing though so i guess thats a good sign. just looked and this isn't the best picture but they are all hot and busy hiding up behind their coop and the camera sucks. he is the one in the back. the one's face you can see is a buckeye? and is suppose to be a roo or so the breeder thought

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    The Golden comet is a pullet, they are sex-link chickens and you can tell their sex by color, pullets are red with white and roos are white with a liitle red. I do not know about the EE because I do not have any.
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    The EE looks like a pullet to me. In my experience, EEs with silver coloring, like yours, tend to be more shy (at first, they get friendlier as they grow). Also, I find that the comb color in silvery EEs tends to be redder, even in hens, than in EEs of other feather colors. I liken it to fair skin on fair haired people...? Anyhoo, I'd say you have an EE pullet---assuming the comb looks the same on your other EE as well, and a very pretty one at that! [​IMG]
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    Golden comets are another name for RSL's.

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