Are these eggs bad?


Sep 19, 2020
Hey all, one more question for the group. Everyone has been so helpful.
My one muscovy mama has hatched out 2 of her 5 eggs. One hatched on day 40 and the other on day 41. Yesterday she kicked one egg out of the nest.

Today is day 42 and there is no sign of these eggs starting to hatch. This morning I candled the 2 eggs that remained under her and the 1 that she booted out.
The one that she booted appears to have a pretty developed duckling in it. I can see appendages. I'm almost certain I heard a tapping sound coming from one of the three eggs a day or so ago, and I think this might have been the one. The egg is pretty cold now as it spent all night away from mama and I didn't see any movement when I candled, but my eye kept feeling a small deception of movement. I did put this one back under her even though she'd rejected it.
My big question pertains to the other two. I cannot see any appendages sticking down. What I do see are dark blobs that take up 2/3rds of the egg. I don't see any spontaneous movement. But when I turn the egg to the side the blob moves with the turning of the egg. A duckling at this stage wouldn't just roll around in the egg like that would it? Would it be safe to remove these?
Should I remove the one she rejected as well?
Her two little ones are already getting adventurous without her which has me just a bit worried. 20210730_143355.jpg

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