Are these veins?


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Jul 1, 2021
I am not sure what kind of egg this is. I am thinking pigeon based on the look of it. It's bigger than a dove egg, rounded, and white. We have a LOT of pigeons in this area. I found it lying in the grass outside under an open sky, no trees around at all.

I brought it inside and candled it, and I'm currently keeping it warm in one end of my incubator. Are these little veins? It also has a majorly detached air cell.

Also, what are the odds that I've found ANOTHER stray egg?! A few weeks ago I found an abandoned dove egg that quit after a few days, and a few weeks before that I found an absolutely massive egg at the bottom of a lake. (Pretty sure it was goose. It was mostly definitely NOT alive. Growing algae!!)

I've never seen so many eggs just lying around like some kind of bizarre Easter Egg hunt in such a short amount of time. Idaho's birds are definitely not getting any "Parent of the Year" awards!


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