Are they gone forever???

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by chickydoodle, Jul 26, 2013.

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Mornin' all.
    So my 6 keets are now a bit over 9 weeks and have been in their coop for close to 5 . Even though there is an open air portion to their coop,yesterday, late aftrernoon, I' thought I'd begin letting them range a bit [​IMG]. A few times a singleton has escaped when the kids are feeding/ watering but have never gone far and came back to the coop- and the flock. They are in a sep. coop than the chickens~ we call it the 'kindergarten coop'~ it's our after-the-brooder-, hospital, quarantine coop...
    I have a flock of 16 chickens that free range daily, and as I was locking everyone up for the night, I realized the guineas weren't back. I searched some trees in the immediate area, the trees at the outskirts of the property with the greatest lower branches, the barn...but nothing [​IMG]. I've been out a few times this am... still nothing.
    My flock guardian pooches searched alongside and it's POOF! into thin air. Nothing.
    I served breakfast as usual, commentary, calls & shaking, hoping they'd hear and be tempted... no dice. Our predators are many, though this summer seems quiet... shouldn't have said that out loud [​IMG]
    Had my chickens for years now, but his is my first time with keets/ guineas in general and all of this time invested and now... They're gone aren't they? I thought the age and weeks in coop would be enough to establish 'home'... [​IMG]
    Any hope?
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    So sorry. I wouldn't give up yet. They can roost very high in trees. I'm sure the pooches will keep looking for them and will hear their loud calls if they get spooked. Can you put the word out to neighbors? I'm going to be positive.....when they do come back, only let a few out at a time. They are extremely "flock" oriented. The "free" ones will not wander far from the ones still locked up. Best of luck.
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    May 20, 2013
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    I have four keets and two adult guineas. The adults are in the coop with the chickens. Eventually, I'll probably let them free-range. How long should I keep the keets in the coop before releasing them? I hope you find your guineas. My keets are still in the brooder.
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    Apr 21, 2010
    so late this am as I was piling my brood ino the truck someone shouts, "MAMA! a family of bunnies by the apple trees!" And I'm thinking weird, they usually aren't out there at this time and we go to check it out and HOORAY!!! all 6 keets are munching and ranging and seeming perfectly at home [​IMG], not bunnies at all !!
    Soooo.... they've been ranging around the property together like a school of fish, have been coming around with the flock of chickens and even don't seem to bothered by the dogs or kids... they're a spooky bunch, not nearly as personable as the chickens, but they are thrilled with the jungle gym of piles of wood waiting to be split and the gully too. SUCH A RELIEF!!! Thank you for your responses. I hope they continue to hang close to home and not want to travel the world. [​IMG] I'm hoping for some tick relief soon. I have the 6 and we've got a bit over 4 acres... this was my first ventue with them... think I'll see a difference in the ticks?

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