Are they using the horizontal nipples?


6 Years
Mar 8, 2013
I set up a bucket with a horizontal nipple for my four 10 week old pullets. I showed them how it worked by pushing in the post and letting water drip out while they all watched, and I've even grabbed one of them and pressed their beak into the water. I removed their other water source, but it's been two weeks and I have not seen one of them use the nipple waterer. Now, they get fermented feed, which is very wet, so I'm not worried that they are very dehydrated yet, but I would like them to use the nipple. Not sure what else to do. are they too old to learn to use the nipple? I put it in there when they were 8 weeks old.
Great question! I am just getting ready to add the nipples to my auto water system and my chickens are weeks old!
Not noticably, but like I said, they are eating fermented feed that is very wet, so even if they are drinking from it, it's probably not a whole lot.

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