ARG!!!! Vent to high school trouble makers


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Dec 22, 2007
Maryland :)
Well, as many of you know I go to high school,the best place to find dramatic girls.

So i was talking to one of my friends today (lets call her Eunice) and she just got out of a great relationship with her boyfriend (lets call him bob). Eunice gave one of her other friends
(lets name her Mildred) permission to date bob, Eunice got over it i guess. So Mildred who has NEVER had a boyfriend or had a guy like her was soo close to dating bob when another one of all of our friends (who is so low doesn't even deserve a name but for the sake of not confusting you lets call her Ruth) made up a lie that is like one of those he said she said things and now she is dating bob and she NEVER liked him; she said not nice things and then she tried to get me in the middle of everything. I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY. well i told her to leave me out of it and i have no reason to talk to her because of what she said about me to him [which was not nice] and i walked away...

they all need a life!

well thanks for listening ya'll!
time to post a glossy 8 x 10 of Chuck with a sign underneath stating, "Be nice. Be kind. If you have to gossip to feel like you are right, then you're wrong. LISTEN TO ME OR ELSE. Love, Chuck Norris."

the beauty of high school is it is over in four years. avoid gossip like the plague. don't sweat the crazy stuff and remember that most adults do not hang around with the high school crowd.

you were a smart cookie to just stay out of it. A+ in Social Situations Class.
That is why most of my friends in HS were boys.

It'll pass and some of them will grow up, and soon you'll have more control over who's in your crowd of friends.

Stay as high above it as you can, and pick up those who get stepped on.

Sounds like that's what you're doing.
You can always do what I did in highschool when the most popular girl in school started a rumor about me.

I punched her in the face.

Ok ok, don't follow my example
but i DID become a hero for all the nerds!
Just remember that when you graduate either you or most of the other kids will move away, or you'll never see them again. I'm only 22 and high school is already fading. Some of the drama I had sounds crazy now! So yeah, it seems horrible, but it will pass!

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